Live to blog or blog to live?

We hear a lot about work/life balance but after nearly four weeks of this  I’m seriously beginning to  wonder about blog/life balance.

Writing and posting it doesn’t take long. Sometimes the inspiration is just there and sometimes it can take a while to think of something. But that’s not really the problem.

It’s trying to keep track of everything. I read the blogs of people who have visited my site and as like as not followers of followers of such people. Just to get the feel of who visitors really are, you know. And then, by the time I’m ready to post my nicely thought out comment I can’t find the relevant page to put it on!


I’ve got a very hectic few days and then a fortnight with no internet access! Please be patient.

In the meantime some questions to ponder:
Where does blogging fit in your priorities of life?
Why do you blog?


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5 Responses to Live to blog or blog to live?

  1. Lelly says:

    If the question “Why do you blog?” isn’t rhetorical, then I must say I blog to reach out to people, but most importantly to reach out to myself. I blog in a “therapeutical” way. I hope that makes sense. My content mostly focuses on mental illness and how to live with it…How I am living with it. It’s still in its infant stage, but eventually I hope as I grow as a person, my blog will as well. Discussing the same topic can surely get boring. I hope to find a balance (much like you described) between the main focus of my blog and also incorporate other things and ideas. I’m a baby blogger. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you!

  2. torimcrae says:

    I first began blogging because a writer friend encouraged me to do it to “get my name out there.” I continued to blog because it was so nice to have someone actually reading what I write instead of just stuffing it in a notebook. I continue to blog because it is enabling me to meet new people and hopefully make new friends out in cyber-land.

    Regarding balance: it’s a struggle but I’m beginning to get a handle on it. Like learning to ride a bicycle it takes a while to get the hang of it. I’ve been posting 5 days a week for the past few weeks but I’m probably going to drop back to 3 days soon. Not only will it be easier for me, I decided it would be kinder to those who follow my blog. I, like you, am finding it difficult to keep up with reading all the blogs that come my way. So much so that I don’t spend time going out into the blog-o-sphere to find new blogs.

    Hang in there. It really does get easier.

  3. Thank you both, Lelly and Tori.
    I’m thinking maybe the reason to start is not necessarily the same as the reason to carry on and each individual post has it’s own reason, too.
    What a lot of mixed motives!

  4. A friend I met online encouraged me to start blogging. I’m glad I did. My blogging is a mix of poetry, things I say, think & pictures…
    I enjoy blogging & find it rather therapeutic. I like the people I have met here too & learning new things from others. I hope this world doesn’t overtake life though. So far – so good.

  5. I have to say, the feeling of having got to know the people behind some of the blogs is the best thing.
    The time it takes is still an issue. I took control by deciding just to post stuff through the week and only ‘play blogs’ on Friday afternoons assuming everything else in life was reasonably up to date.
    But then it was a matter of, ‘I’ll just look at this,’ and, ‘I wonder what that is.’ and before I know where I am…

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