Forgiveness and Peace

Recently I came across some words by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy linking the idea of forgiveness in the afternoon with peace in the evening.
I used to think of forgiveness as a debt we might possibly owe someone if they apologised and asked to be forgiven. But I now I think it is a debt we owe ourselves.
Regardless of whether the person concerned is repentant or even realises that they have offended us, if we hang on to the hurt, refusing to forgive, then the resentment eats into and damages us. In such a situation, we won’t have peace. We will be harbouring destructive thoughts that poison our soul.
It is not the party who injured us who will suffer from our refusal to forgive, but our own self.
To many people this is self evident anyway but something about setting it in the context of rounding off the day really struck me.

So why not allow yourself to sow some forgiveness and prepare to reap some peace?


About Rosalie Squires

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