Last week I illustrated my musings on what it takes to actually be a writer in one’s own eyes with an image which may or may not have been recognisable as the title page of my very first (unfinished) novel. I was eight years old when I wrote it.
Here is the first chapter. As you can see, I did, instinctively, what we are taught to do; went back and edited it. (A couple of years or so later.) I rather wish I hadn’t. Or at least, that I’d left the original unmarked and kept the alterations separate.

WKWC chap 1

So here’s the question(s): when revising, editing or updating work on the computer, do you save a new file each time or overwrite earlier versions? Is something of the authentic original lost in the first enthusiasm of editing?


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3 Responses to Editing

  1. RoSy says:

    I like to see the evolution of a theme. But – nowadays – it’s easy to just over-write what’s done on a computer when before it was manual. What I write on my blog is pretty rough. It’s what comes to mind at the moment. Sometimes I write on a pad of paper & when I start typing other things just begin to flow. So- I guess that’s editing.

  2. torimcrae says:

    I keep a all draft, unedited, on my computer (& sometimes a hardcopy). I usually print out every draft and mark it up, then transfer the changes to the computer. It’s easy to do if you re-save the draft you’re editing as “”xxx-2nd draft” before you make any changes. I have a writer friend who has hardcopies of every draft she has done of her novel. They fill a suitcase or two.

  3. Keeping copies of every stage along the way can take a lot of space – particularly when we’re talking hard copies. But the same applies to photo’s on the hard drive. I often have several versions of one picture that I’ve cropped more or less tightly and those are more greedy of hard drive space than text files. With the latter I think the main problem is confusion and knowing which is the most up to date.

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