This morning started with me feeling happy. I walked down the road with music bubbling in my head. Gradually this resolved into a tune and then words; it was part of an ancient hymn, Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart…
I found a hymn book and looked it up. Although it is set out in verses to be sung, it occurred to me as I read that it it is actually a prayer; a prayer of dedication. And it has to do with the writer’s perspective on life.
Now, I’ve recently been rebuilding a rather neglected relationship with my camera so perspective, in a very literal sense, has been much on my mind. But so has the more metaphorical sense of perspective on life.
It occurred to me that my happiness, whilst a good thing and something I’m very thankful for, is also rather fragile. And probably quite fleeting. I’m happy because I’ve got my car back.
I won’t bore you all with the complete saga, but basically, after more than two years, I drove it home from the workshop last Thursday only to find as I stopped to open the garage door that it had sprung a leak and water was pouring everywhere. It had to go back. I resigned myself to another wait. How long this time?
Less time than I feared and, as I wrote yesterday, ‘me, my car and my camera’ went on a nice little trip together. And so I  am happy.

What makes you happy?
What will sustain you when happiness fades?


About Rosalie Squires

'Who am I?' is a question whose answer keeps evolving, that can be answered in many, many ways; that has no known answer at all. But there are some clues to be found: stocksharpsquires.wordpress.
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3 Responses to Happiness

  1. RoSy says:

    Family & get togethers make me happy. (They also make me a little sad though – because we’re missing one who is now in heaven). I counting on the family on earth to sustain my happiness as life here must go on…

  2. P. C. Zick says:

    Simple things in moments of grace make me happy and then spill into all moments. Some simple things: freshly brewed coffee, my husband’s smile, tomatoes fresh from the vine, gentle rain on the garden.

  3. Thank you both for your suggestions. maybe it is really appreciating the things we easily take for granted?

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