More thoughts about time

If you’ve read many of my posts you’ll be aware that time is a subject that I keep coming back to one way and another and may have deduced that it holds quite a fascination for me.

Today I keep thinking of one my Mum’s favourite sayings, ‘You’re never too busy for something you really want to do.’ Coupled with a more general saying, ‘If you want something done, find a busy person to do it,’ this gives a clue to what I call the elasticity of time.

In practice it works out like this: an elderly friend called the doctor’s surgery and was told there were no appointments available until the following week.  She then got into a distressed fret not knowing what to do because he had told her it was important that she report back to him within a few days.  The receptionist put the call through to the doctor who told her to come straight down and he saw her within half an hour of the call.

Now, it seems ridiculous that  she should have been put through the worry and stress  instead of being told straight away to just come along .  But if the receptionist told everyone to come along in the hope of being fitted in between regular appointments she’d have half the town’s time wasters trying to fight their way into the waiting room.

So, just how elastic is time and where does the breaking point come?


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3 Responses to More thoughts about time

  1. “So, just how elastic is time and where does the breaking point come?” That starts the gears turning. They’re a bit rusty.

  2. Agatha Nolen says:

    Great question! I don’t think time really is elastic. We each haver 24 hours each day to spend. The question I try to answer is what is the motivator for a task that fills up my time and is it something God has asked me to do, something I want to do, or a trap I’ve fallen into doing something that someone else wants me to do. When I concentrate on what God asks, I have plenty of time left over. It’s when I concentrate on the other two categories that I end up drained, weary, and critical of everything.
    Thanks for a great question!
    Agatha Nolen

  3. snowbirdpress says:

    I wish they had never said that saying about asking a busy person if you want something done. I have finally had to put my foot down … after years of staying up to 3:00 a.m. to keep up with things others need as of yesterday, I am now declaring that I no longer will be a “busy person”…. (famous last words!) But you’re right… it amazes me how some days can be so productive and others just seem to go by before we get started. In a doctor’s office everyone’s time is going at a different pace. The people waiting: time goes slow. The doctor: time goes by too fast. The attending nurse: time goes by too fast for the work to be done, yet too slow for quitting time to get there! 🙂

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