Fuzzy logic

 I recall being bemused in school maths by Venn diagrams. What were they meant to achieve? Three intersecting circles that represented boy/girl, tall/short and dark/fair. So a tall dark boy would belong in the middle a tall fair girl in an outer area etc.
Stating the obvious it seems to me now. But at the time I thought there must be something I was missing. What was the point?

Nowadays I am much more of a both-and person than an either/or one. I don’t think that back then it had occurred to me that both-and was an option. Life was presented in a very simplified form; if you were tall then you couldn’t be short. And that sort of way of labling people fitted the diagrams.

But what if you were sort of middling height – you might be the tallest in one group but the shortest in another. The system didn’t allow for that.

Later on, I was introduced to something called fuzzy logic. Instead of being  all black or white, shades of grey were allowed. Well OK it wasn’t called shades of grey but black didn’t have to be 100% black – it could be 80% black for example.

Well that all seemed an exciting concept at first but having got the hang of putting a few algebraic formulae into a spreadsheet I was left wondering what was the point? It was supposed to model more complex and lifelike situations.

It was fun at the time but I haven’t found a use for it. Most things in life can’t really be answered with yes or No.

Can they be an better answered with percentages of yesness or noness?


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2 Responses to Fuzzy logic

  1. Fuzzy logic is always kinda fuzzy. That was the handle given the algorithms for adjusting P.I.D. (Proportional–Integral–Derivative) controllers.

  2. Sounds about like it. I seem to recall the supposed purpose was to find the optimum something or other where there were a lot of variables. Sounded great but I’ve never found a use. That PID thing sounds good for a science fiction story, though – perhaps add to a list of words to include in a piece of flash fiction – one word or three?

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