Flexi hours – writing challenge

Responses to yesterday’s post have set me thinking about,   well, not exactly communal hibernation, but ways our society could promote a better lifestyle in terms of wellbeing, health, less stress and tiredness etc.

The concept is really quite simple: flexi hours. Not in the sense as so so long as you put in enough hours in the office it doesn’t matter if you work more some days than others. No, this is more simple, more radical and if everyone bought into the system would work beautifully. It would also cause absolute chaos if people still tried to work to current outlooks within it!

Simply designate darkness as night and daylight as day and divide each into twelve hours. It’s how people operate at the equator anyway but for the rest of us it would mean that hours would vary in length at different times of the year and between night and day.

No more getting up and going to work in the dark. We all get up at dawn all year round. And the clocks will say 6am.

Actually, life would be closer to how it was before we were all ruled by clocks.  I’m sure subsistence farmers worked much longer in the summer than the winter and the warmth and sunshine gave then them the energy to do it.

We try to work summer hours all winter in order to get more more more of everything and wonder why we all end up ill and stressed out. Maybe we just need more sleep.

If there really is more that needs doing between September and March than daylight hours to do it in then get someone in the southern hemisphere to do it.

So how about making it one of those writers’ challenge thingies to write a story against this backdrop?
How about being really ambitious and saying we could make a book of short stories reflecting many people’s take on the theme?
Happy to include poems and flash fiction, too.

I’m away next week so let’s hope I come back to loads of creative stuff to help get through the winter months.


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