Cold beauty

Moist dim light as I left
Sun hinting at its presence
In rosy clouds
The moon sinking away in the west.
A little later
as I returned
It was cold, so cold
Yet the sun as up and the sky had cleared.
Turning the corner
I was stopped in my tracks at the sheer beauty
Trees of different shapes
Different colours
All clearly outlined
Against the blue, blue sky.
I stopped
And gazed
And shivered.

It’s usual to shiver at the cold. But sometimes we shiver at the beauty; why is that?


About Rosalie Squires

'Who am I?' is a question whose answer keeps evolving, that can be answered in many, many ways; that has no known answer at all. But there are some clues to be found: stocksharpsquires.wordpress.
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2 Responses to Cold beauty

  1. julielees says:

    Perhaps because we are starkly aware of its ephemeral nature and how soon it will be lost.

  2. RoSy says:

    I think maybe because we are overwhelmed with it that our body just goes temporarily haywire.

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