Time heals

But does it? It’s a well worn saying and it is true that many things fade with time and that healing often takes time to be manifest. But I’m not convinced that time has any healing properties of its own.
If hurt becomes less acute over time, not is not directly because of the passing of time but because of all the other experiences, emotions general things of life that come along and dilute the hurt, or stand between the hurt and the current viewpoint.
Time allows healing to happen but it doesn’t actually accomplish it. If someone nurses a hurt, grudge or grief, refusing to get on with life, then that hurt, grudge or grief will fester, not heal.
As Paula pointed out in response to yesterday’s post, time is powerless against some things; such as the suffering and death of a child even if that child is an adult.

We often seem to let time rule our lives, but does it really have any power at all?

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3 Responses to Time heals

  1. we are always in need of a scapegoat. And for most of us, most of the time, Time is the scapegoat. i think with matters related to ‘healing-with-passing-of-time’, you just learn to live with the pain. Gradually it becomes inherent like any other socialization process and you don’t even realize you are in pain. It’s a dim lingering feeling which lasts for a long time. But time is not the factor that heals. It is, like you said in interplay with other emotions, you learn to live with the pain.

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