My garden has grown

Garden late July 2013 s DSCN0650

OK, all you pedantic ones
The boundaries
Have not moved
The actual area
Has not changed
But look
The plants have grown

It makes me wonder
What actually IS
The garden?

Garden June 2013 DSCN0650

This was how it looked when I planted it in June.

About Rosalie Squires

'Who am I?' is a question whose answer keeps evolving, that can be answered in many, many ways; that has no known answer at all. But there are some clues to be found: stocksharpsquires.wordpress.
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2 Responses to My garden has grown

  1. I really like the thought pattern here. Quirky. How would you like it as
    “Ok, all you pedantic.”
    “Ok, all you pedantics.”


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