Rape and Pillage of the Mind

Is what I seek
For my secret soul searching.
I need space
To understand my thoughts
To come to terms
With feelings I never chose.
A thought in my mind
Is not my considered opinion
My heart may reject it.
I need time to order my soul
To decide
What to accept, what reject
To sift
What is me
And what an intrusion.
Do not trespass
On my sacred ground
Nor drag from me
My half formed thoughts
Denied a chance
To form and grow
Untimely ripped
Forced to birth
Deformed, untrue
Do not think
That this is me.

About Rosalie Squires

'Who am I?' is a question whose answer keeps evolving, that can be answered in many, many ways; that has no known answer at all. But there are some clues to be found: stocksharpsquires.wordpress.
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6 Responses to Rape and Pillage of the Mind

  1. Charles says:

    I had no idea you’re quite the writer Ros… I hope all is well with you. Charles

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