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I remember that God who made the heavens and earth Made me God, the spirit of life Died for me My soul was made in eternity One small breath of God’s being He gave me parents That I might take … Continue reading

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The wonder of life – potato skins

Oh the wonder of potato skins Rooting on my window sill! The tuber, meant to sustain new life I have eaten. Its atoms, calories, molecules Are part of me. All it has left are the skins I discarded With their … Continue reading

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I observe myself And see At this moment I am happy. And I am glad For Happiness and I Have not been well acquainted In the past. Hello, Happiness What brings you my way Today? And I wonder… If Happiness … Continue reading

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Picked from the garden.

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Orange mocha coffee

One of those happy accidents! a bit of turning out of cupboards revealed a forgotten box of orange flavoured chocolate sticks from a previous Christmas. Somewhat past their sell by date for just eating but stirred into black coffee… A … Continue reading

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Clacton beach  on New Year’s day – looks a bit bleak! But then, it wasn’t the first picture of the year – as I got out the car I spotted spring flowers. Maybe the New Year  has more of a … Continue reading

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Round pebbles

I have a friend who collects round pebbles, particularly spherical ones. Recently I was looking through a bank of pebbles to see if I could find anything worth taking home for him. So many pebbles, all of them slightly different, each beautiful … Continue reading

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