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The wonder of life – potato skins

Oh the wonder of potato skins Rooting on my window sill! The tuber, meant to sustain new life I have eaten. Its atoms, calories, molecules Are part of me. All it has left are the skins I discarded With their … Continue reading

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I observe myself And see At this moment I am happy. And I am glad For Happiness and I Have not been well acquainted In the past. Hello, Happiness What brings you my way Today? And I wonder… If Happiness … Continue reading

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Picked from the garden.

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Orange mocha coffee

One of those happy accidents! a bit of turning out of cupboards revealed a forgotten box of orange flavoured chocolate sticks from a previous Christmas. Somewhat past their sell by date for just eating but stirred into black coffee… A … Continue reading

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Clacton beach  on New Year’s day – looks a bit bleak! But then, it wasn’t the first picture of the year – as I got out the car I spotted spring flowers. Maybe the New Year  has more of a … Continue reading

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Round pebbles

I have a friend who collects round pebbles, particularly spherical ones. Recently I was looking through a bank of pebbles to see if I could find anything worth taking home for him. So many pebbles, all of them slightly different, each beautiful … Continue reading

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Ginger – lament

  My beautiful promising plant went from this (right) to this overnight.   The top shoot was hanging down and fell off when I picked the pot up for a closer look and I turned around a few minutes later … Continue reading

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