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Trees and time

It seems like only yesterday I wandered the neighbourhood Snapping the trees I can see what they’ve done They’ve turned themselves green What have I done, though? I haven’t turned green I’ve not changed the skyline But have I been … Continue reading

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Standing proud

There is something about the way the supporting cast allows this tulip to stand proud. It makes me wonder, are we duly appreciative of the people who allow us that privilege?

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Tulip – beauty of creation

The joy, the wonder, the beauty of creation Taking time To gaze into the heart of a flower Is a prayer in itself.

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Thinking less in words today than colour shape and texture but if no image lived to say, no colour shape nor texture, then how, in words, this to convey its colour shape and texture?

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Hot cross Buns

I never thought it could take so long waiting for them to rise and in the end had to just put them in the oven anyway in order to get them cooked before going out. The result was rather disappointing; … Continue reading

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Icicle tree

My rose tree has grown a large icicle instead of a rose. It looked so unlikely sitting there on the branch that I had to go and take a picture from the other side to convince myself it was real!

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Crazy cacti

A thing of beauty is a joy forever A strange kind of beauty these plants have Yet living And growing They still express joy.

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More flowers

Yellow, green, Spring fresh Fragile fleeting flowers bloom Enjoy while they last. Flowers seem very dominant in my life lately. Is it just me? Or the time of year? Does it affect everyone?

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Light and perspective

We normally think we see things better when there is more light thrown on them. But here it seems that we see best those closest to us, not those in the light. I am wondering how this relates to our … Continue reading

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What you see is what you get?

The light in which we view things makes such a difference to what we see. These crocuses are yellow like so many others yet the sunlight was so intense, and hence the shadows so deep that impression is of a … Continue reading

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