Prayers for April

1. The Barron Places of the World.
2. The wildlife in Barron places.
3. Friends of the Earth.
4. Palmer Court.
5. The people who explore  Barron places.
6. The oceans and seas and lakes.
7.  Hindley prison Wigan.
8. Christian communities in Egypt.
9. Marine Life Research.
10. chaplains to the Fishing industry.
11. Parker Avenue.
12. Those affected by Flooding.
13. Save the Rhino.
14. Hollesley Bay prison Woodbridge Suffolk.
15. Christian Communities in Somalia.
16. Industrial Chaplains.
17. Greenpeace.
18. Parkhurst Road.
19. Research into Crop and Arboreal Disease
20. Those affected by Air pollution.
21. The Queen and the Royal parks and estates.
22. Christian communities in Pakistan
23. Research into air Pollution and energy use.
24. The Environment Agency.
25. Peel Crescent.
26. The World Wild Life Fund.
27. Motor manufacturers.
28. Holloway prison North London.
29. Muslim Communities in Luton.
30. Local Farmers.

From David Cramphorn