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Small world

How many people live on this earth? How many souls inhabit the blogosphere? How often in life we go into town visit a shop and meet no-one we know? Yet visit a site I’ve not been to before And there’ve … Continue reading

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Whoops – it’s in the draft box

We’ve all done it (haven’t we? I hope it’s not just me!) Wondered why someone hasn’t replied to our email only to discover it’s in the drafts, not the sentmail. Well this is the blogging equivalent. I copied some links … Continue reading

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The magic of ideas

I loved philosophy; the idea of philosophy, that is. MY philosophy. ‘I think therefore I am’ would chase round my head like a prancing white horse pulling a magical carriage. I dreamed of Socrates wandering his market place, observing this … Continue reading

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Flexi hours – writing challenge

Responses to yesterday’s post have set me thinking about,   well, not exactly communal hibernation, but ways our society could promote a better lifestyle in terms of wellbeing, health, less stress and tiredness etc. The concept is really quite simple: … Continue reading

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There is creative reading as well as creative writing. Ralph Waldo Emerson So, presumably, creative editing? Creative thinking? Creative blogging? And maybe even creative talking?

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Just for fun

Sometimes it is good to have a change from the normal way of life so maybe it can also be good to have a change from the normal style of blog post. Anyway, just for fun, I wrote a little … Continue reading

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Spilled guts

Computer’s up and running again – well running, maybe not up. What do you think from the picture? We have an electronics engineer in the family who came and performed emergency surgery with a soldering iron but warned that putting … Continue reading

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Wow! An award on my fiftieth post

Tamara at My Botanical Garden has nominated Rosalie Squires the One Lovely Blog Award-THANK YOU! Yesterday was my fiftieth post. I checked my email later in the day and saw I’d been nominated an award. Oh wow! Today is thirteen … Continue reading

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Live to blog or blog to live?

We hear a lot about work/life balance but after nearly four weeks of this  I’m seriously beginning to  wonder about blog/life balance. Writing and posting it doesn’t take long. Sometimes the inspiration is just there and sometimes it can take … Continue reading

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A day out of time

Today is a quiet day Sandwiched between yesterday’s festivities Tomorrow’s celebrations Today makes no demands Today I can feel What it is to  simply Be me Explore connections Seek out new friends Endless possibilities belong to today. Days out of … Continue reading

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