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The dolls house

In theory Patsy had a dolls house to play with But… There was a problem And the problem was Jane Whenever Patsy played house Jane would decide to play too Patsy arranged the furniture Jane knocked it over She put … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a cupboard full of toys. One shelf belonged to the cuddly toys, mostly old, worn and threadbare. There was a monkey with scratchy hands and a moth-eaten waist coat, a velvet elephant with a … Continue reading

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Happy memories

Happy memories Reminding us how good life can be Reminding us to be thankful Urging us to fill each day With happy memories For times to come.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time All stories started thus The rhythm trained the ear And we were primed to hear The story that unfolded. Once upon a time Our minds would still And be alert For pictures painted By the words … Continue reading

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Seeing things from the other side

Look at you, my own baby Child of mine, a part of me I dream again that things can be That have ’til now eluded me I live again and will be free To guide your life so dreamily I … Continue reading

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Childhood influence

As a child I was taught To keep my dreams small To stay in the background Not to walk tall.

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Freedom or Safety?

Battery hens Once the economic way To produce eggs Now considered unacceptable But they were safe from foxes. What about the elderly Caged in communal homes In case they fall Or hurt themselves In the place that’s really home? And … Continue reading

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Stranger danger

I don’t know him So I mustn’t speak But his eyes are kind I feels he sees My bleeding soul. I don’t know him So I can’t avail myself Of kindness. Instead I must be good Must bear the pain … Continue reading

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Freezing fog and hail She will stay indoors again Mind still free to roam If memory serves me correctly, it was Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis who described being imprisoned in a hospital bed during a childhood … Continue reading

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What steals my childish delight in the snow? long skirts getting caught in boot fasteners almost tripping me up Aghhh!

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