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L is for Lucy

Lucy has embarked on one of those really committed A-Z things. A post everyday about her writing journey. It’s inspiring, revives my dreams but also makes me realise how out of reach of reality those dreams are. Maybe I’ll come … Continue reading

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Dreams and aspirations

. Dreams, aspirations, wishful thinking What we might do, who we might be One day But the one day that matters Is today. Lord, help us to be who you would have us be today Prompt us to do what … Continue reading

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Feet of clay

Don’t make friends of angels The wise one counselled And I thought he spoke of beings From the spirit world And did not pay him heed. My guardian angel’s Made of flesh and blood As human and as real As … Continue reading

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Walking on thorns

Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries. Elizabeth Barrett Browning A friend and I were pondering these words … Continue reading

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I am lonely

Somewhere inside I am lonely I am lonely and yearning for you How I long for us to be close Yet no distance is there to divide us You are here and right by my side But yet inside I … Continue reading

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Tyranny of the TODO list

According to my friend’s regime I know what I SHOULD do But I doubt if I’m going to to Do it Oh yes There is satisfaction In ticking tasks off The list I used to send myself Emails Boldly headed … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a cupboard full of toys. One shelf belonged to the cuddly toys, mostly old, worn and threadbare. There was a monkey with scratchy hands and a moth-eaten waist coat, a velvet elephant with a … Continue reading

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Silver lining

A picture of life Painted bold in the sky When we stand in the grey And keep asking, Why? Just raise your eyes Step forward a bit And find, as I have That heaven replies.

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When all in life seems broken fuses blow printer jams shredder dead I went for a walk And looked at the sky The clouds don’t break I wonder why Clouds don’t break down ‘Tho said to burst They do their … Continue reading

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It’s raining

I never longed so much to cut the grass When it was fine and dry Rake out the moss Trim the edges Spike the ground And fertilize. All these jobs I yearn to do Today. Trapped and lonely Windows shut … Continue reading

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