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Pink corner

I wrote a story once Of a housebound Garden-lover Who created fantasy gardens From photos Brought memories to life Grew roses in the sitting room Brought outdoor vistas in. Can I do something similar With my small garden Make it … Continue reading

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I had a dream Almost within my grasp But dreams Cannot be held It crumbled to dust Beneath my fingers This was one from last year. There’s something about revisiting stuff – do we still see things in the same … Continue reading

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I listen

I listen. He listens So Mother Theresa described her prayers. And I wonder In the silence The solitude When every little sound Sounds loud Waiting in the quiet Till noisy brain Ceases its endless chatter For a while And in … Continue reading

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Today, this day

Here’s one from last year that didn’t get much of an outing. Shouldn’t all days be special in one way or another? Today is a quiet day Sandwiched between yesterday’s festivities Tomorrow’s celebrations Today makes no demands Today I can … Continue reading

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Seeing things from the other side

Look at you, my own baby Child of mine, a part of me I dream again that things can be That have ’til now eluded me I live again and will be free To guide your life so dreamily I … Continue reading

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Standing proud

There is something about the way the supporting cast allows this tulip to stand proud. It makes me wonder, are we duly appreciative of the people who allow us that privilege?

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Childhood influence

As a child I was taught To keep my dreams small To stay in the background Not to walk tall.

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Dream big

From an English perspective At least, from my little corner of England It seems an American concept People Left here Went there To dream big Do big dreams need big spaces? But the concept is far older A prophet in … Continue reading

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Freedom or Safety?

Battery hens Once the economic way To produce eggs Now considered unacceptable But they were safe from foxes. What about the elderly Caged in communal homes In case they fall Or hurt themselves In the place that’s really home? And … Continue reading

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What is success?

What do we mean by success? What did we hope to acheive? Is it done? Is my heart gladdened? Do I feel like I’m flying? Am I full of joy? Well, how do we measure success? Is it objective or … Continue reading

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