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Seeing things from the other side

Look at you, my own baby Child of mine, a part of me I dream again that things can be That have ’til now eluded me I live again and will be free To guide your life so dreamily I … Continue reading

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A joy forever

So such sickness amongst those I know So many tales of death Last night I heard that a friend had a stroke This morning I visit Not knowing what to expect. Imagine my joy As she opens the door herself … Continue reading

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In the pink

Sometimes I feel down Something bright will cheer me up Springtime of the soul This picture certainly worked this time. Do you have a favourite way of keeping on top of the bad feelings and stopping them from getting you … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

Disappointing news and I felt down Looked through my files in search of cheer Found it in this simple shot of flowers from the other year.

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Paper Clips of Life

Paper Clips of Life When paper clips go missing ‘t may seem a trivial thing But after weeks and months of it The loss will start to sting. Like tiny drops of water For ever dripping, so In years to … Continue reading

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Help! I’ve been turned into a handbag

There’s a forum where I’m known as Rosalie S. The site is not easy to navigate so looking for an old post I thought I’d try Google. Did it find what I was looking for? No. It tells me that … Continue reading

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Lovesick banana (again)

Enid never walked very fast any more but still slowed her steps as she passed the house. And dreamed of stopping to tie laces her shoes didn’t have; laces she couldn’t reach to tie if they did. Anything to increase … Continue reading

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What now?

Imagine If you were Mary Nine months pregnant Away from home. How distant now Does the angel seem? Do you regret Agreeing to this? So dependent on Joseph Where does God fit in? Is there joy in your heart? Or … Continue reading

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Life’s journey

I stumbled in the dark Through thick green undergrowth Refusing to hear the many words that came my way And seeing only the odd brief glimpse of heaven. Yet something in me yearned for what I would not seek. I … Continue reading

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Time heals

But does it? It’s a well worn saying and it is true that many things fade with time and that healing often takes time to be manifest. But I’m not convinced that time has any healing properties of its own. … Continue reading

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