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I observe myself And see At this moment I am happy. And I am glad For Happiness and I Have not been well acquainted In the past. Hello, Happiness What brings you my way Today? And I wonder… If Happiness … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

Today it feels like spring I come home early And walk barefoot Across the grass.

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Joy and happiness

I wrote this poem a few days ago and life has been so hectic since that I didn’t even have time to post it. Now I look at it and think that when we are really busy, there may not … Continue reading

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Happy memories

Happy memories Reminding us how good life can be Reminding us to be thankful Urging us to fill each day With happy memories For times to come.

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My garden has grown

OK, all you pedantic ones The boundaries Have not moved The actual area Has not changed But look The plants have grown It makes me wonder What actually IS The garden? This was how it looked when I planted it … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mum

Today is Mum’s 85th birthday but she is not here to see it. She didn’t see her 70th having died in January 1978. Mum with her Granddad 1933 Mum and Dad as I remember them

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Heaven is made of mini moments

My title today is inspired by Lucy’s post concerning the delights of almond croissants. But regular readers will have gathered by now something about my sentiments regarding time, eternity, joy and heaven. I don’t like to be too dogmatic about … Continue reading

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Floating in the snow

Lying flat out Supported only by water Warm, warm water I float under the clouds And watch the snow fall Smiling at each flake That lands and tickles my lips. Yes, I’ve been away; at a place with an outdoor … Continue reading

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Southwark air

The planes and the birds make it sound like summer The sun on my face feels like summer But the ground freezing my feet reminds me of frost barely two hours gone. There’s a feel I call the Southwark feel … Continue reading

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Is ‘Happy New Year’ a blessing?

‘Bless you,’ you say when I sneeze. ‘Blessings,’ an email sign -off. ‘The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make his face to shine upon you,’ We still say or sing more formally following the instructions of the … Continue reading

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