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I & P

Inspiration and perspective Start at A and Z is too far off But I didn’t start at A I came in at L… Can you hear the penny drop? Creaky cogs start to turn? No need to progress In a … Continue reading

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I’ve not been at all  blog-o-rific lately. Isn’t that a wonderful word?! I found it on Lucy’s blog. It’s not only got some indefinable appeal, it also inspired me to post something on Bengeo Prayers that’s been in mind a … Continue reading

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Walking on thorns

Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries. Elizabeth Barrett Browning A friend and I were pondering these words … Continue reading

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Advent Musings

It is dark. The lights have been dimmed and the people wait in hushed expectancy. As eyes adjust, the outline of fat white candles can be faintly discerned. Candles standing in place awaiting the flame that will bring them to … Continue reading

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Amazing That was Tim’s reaction when I posted this picture And yes, He reminds me I was truly amazed when the first of these flowers Appeared in my garden Year after year They come More and more amazing Yet I … Continue reading

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Come, words I called you friends Don’t shy away Come dance for me Weave your patterns Cast your spell Enthral the reader With the magic sound That tinkles on The inner ear. Sublime, supreme Surreal, superb Surprise me once again … Continue reading

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I listen

I listen. He listens So Mother Theresa described her prayers. And I wonder In the silence The solitude When every little sound Sounds loud Waiting in the quiet Till noisy brain Ceases its endless chatter For a while And in … Continue reading

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Standing proud

There is something about the way the supporting cast allows this tulip to stand proud. It makes me wonder, are we duly appreciative of the people who allow us that privilege?

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Inspiration 2013

This was post from last May – I’m short on inspiration lately – if the sun brought the flowers out, do you think inspiration would return? Or perhaps I’ve forgotten to listen to the message I once heard? This rose … Continue reading

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I just loved this post: Slowly, Slowly Wisdom Gathers Imagine laying in the sun and absorbing wisdom the way a leave absorbs sunshine. Mind or soul processing it like chlorophyll and producing all this energy and growth. Wonderful!

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