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I pause the doing Embrace the being Breathe the breath Of who I am Deep pool of being Never plumbed E’en if I had A thousand years.

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A precious moment

I wandered into a room By chance Mug of tea in my hand The sun steamed in through The window I stopped, I stood, and I basked. A moment out of a schedule A moment that makes Today A moment … Continue reading

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Anyone hoping to make a living from writing for women’s magazines may take heart from this story. Even if that’s not ‘your thing’ then let this flower bring encouragement and joy to some area of life.

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Southwark air

The planes and the birds make it sound like summer The sun on my face feels like summer But the ground freezing my feet reminds me of frost barely two hours gone. There’s a feel I call the Southwark feel … Continue reading

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Time is runing out

No time, no time There’s plenty of time Depending upon our perspective. I spoke to a friend A great artist I know With loads of ideas To convey to the world. A piece of her work Takes months to produce … Continue reading

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Blank canvas?

Blank canvas? Not quite More a template My day is like the template I have a shape A fixed area A colour scheme Things to do But I don’t yet know How it will all turn out. Do you picture … Continue reading

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Lovesick banana

Lovesick banana challenging me to use my imagination Yes, this one is still bugging me. A real-life friend, not a regular blog reader, came across my Twelfth night post from my email signature and queried the phrase helping keep it … Continue reading

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Blessings and dreams

I came across these words of Sister Stan which bring together the two concepts of blessings and dreams that have been much in my mind lately: Divine Blessings giving life to our inner being offering opportunities to recognise our gifts … Continue reading

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Is this art?

I had an idea, a concept proportions irregular shapes definitive areas. Someone, disparagingly called it a cabbage. A friend kindly dubbed it my art project. I went to a craft morning and started to make it I haven’t got far. … Continue reading

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I wanted to dance to be a ballerina an ice skater gymnast. I wanted freedom to soar fly on the back of a swan to express to love to be free. I couldn’t do any of these things so I … Continue reading

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