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People and thinking

People fall into two categories Some people don’t think enough Some people think too much Someone once asked me why I write the stuff I write What was I trying to achieve? To get people to think was the gist … Continue reading

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Where does the time go? Where have I been? Ever feel life drips through your fingers Like the holes in this leaf?

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Someone hurt me

When someone hurts me Do I cry Or just hit back Or question, why? If someone hurt me Who hurt them? What is their pain What’s driving them? Yes, someone hurt me But I found That I’d hurt them The … Continue reading

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Wasting time

Spending time Using time Wasting time What is the difference? How can we use time wisely How spend it on something worthwhile? Time is not a commodity It cannot be bottled and saved At the end of the day Twenty … Continue reading

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Joy and happiness

I wrote this poem a few days ago and life has been so hectic since that I didn’t even have time to post it. Now I look at it and think that when we are really busy, there may not … Continue reading

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Happy memories

Happy memories Reminding us how good life can be Reminding us to be thankful Urging us to fill each day With happy memories For times to come.

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When all in life seems broken fuses blow printer jams shredder dead I went for a walk And looked at the sky The clouds don’t break I wonder why Clouds don’t break down ‘Tho said to burst They do their … Continue reading

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Garden border

I love the way The border looks different Viewed from a different Angle The same is true of life Change our position Look again See something New.

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Wisdom from Elsie

Elsie is a friend of mine Has lived some years And has grown wise. Today she said to me Everyday Do one job you want to do. Today has been A productive day Thanks to Elsie’s wisdom.

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I am the daughter of Mother Earth My flesh is formed of her dust She gave me birth; I am part of her But how could she give me a soul? The Earth is alive in a myriad ways Yet … Continue reading

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