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View from the Window

Margie slowly opened her eyes. The curtains were pulled back and she could see a rectangle of grey sky criss crossed by the window frame. Gradually she moved her gaze round to the familiar picture of two little boys looking … Continue reading

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The dolls house

In theory Patsy had a dolls house to play with But… There was a problem And the problem was Jane Whenever Patsy played house Jane would decide to play too Patsy arranged the furniture Jane knocked it over She put … Continue reading

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Yearning for love

I came to this earth I looked around seeking love Surely that’s not what I came for? Was I not sent to bring love? This human life dulls memories Of who I truly am I must rediscover my origins. A … Continue reading

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Happy memories

Happy memories Reminding us how good life can be Reminding us to be thankful Urging us to fill each day With happy memories For times to come.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time All stories started thus The rhythm trained the ear And we were primed to hear The story that unfolded. Once upon a time Our minds would still And be alert For pictures painted By the words … Continue reading

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The park

Small My park is small And I’ve only been there Once My special park. A seat or two And a disused Sandpit A large tree And sunshine. The park that witnessed A special moment In time. Sticky toffee apple Dancing … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mum

Today is Mum’s 85th birthday but she is not here to see it. She didn’t see her 70th having died in January 1978. Mum with her Granddad 1933 Mum and Dad as I remember them

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Hospitality and trust

I came from a muddy field Drawn in by your irresistible warmth and light Basked a while in generous hospitality Then… Then what? What really happened? I made a decision I thought you wouldn’t like And refused to discuss it … Continue reading

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Seeing things from the other side

Look at you, my own baby Child of mine, a part of me I dream again that things can be That have ’til now eluded me I live again and will be free To guide your life so dreamily I … Continue reading

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One year on

Yes, it is a year since I started this blog with the following: Earth is but a raindrop in the sea of heaven. How does that make you view your own dealings upon this earth? It went under the title, … Continue reading

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