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Tulip – beauty of creation

The joy, the wonder, the beauty of creation Taking time To gaze into the heart of a flower Is a prayer in itself.

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Joy of freesias

Scent hit me before I saw them The sight a joy to behold Resurrection, restoration Lost treasure New pleasure Life from shrivelled corms Old friends renewed. I grew the first from seed Many years ago Season followed season Of tantalising … Continue reading

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Secluded garden A suntrap bathed in warmth And a wonderful sea of cowslips In the lawn. Shared with friends With soup for lunch A picnic in the sun. This was such a wonderful interlude and I’m so grateful to those … Continue reading

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Bright blue sky Fluffy white clouds And trees. Bare trees stark against the sky Trees with fresh green leaves An evergreen with a pigeon perching precariously on high. Lopped trees Starting to sprout. Trees Everywhere I look today I see … Continue reading

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By the sea

Easter Monday Cold and grey Dawned th’ traditional Holiday Undaunted, though Piled in the car Heading for the beach, Afar Along the way We saw some snow It isn’t Summer yet, You Know But clouds dispersed And clear blue sky … Continue reading

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More flowers

Yellow, green, Spring fresh Fragile fleeting flowers bloom Enjoy while they last. Flowers seem very dominant in my life lately. Is it just me? Or the time of year? Does it affect everyone?

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What you see is what you get?

The light in which we view things makes such a difference to what we see. These crocuses are yellow like so many others yet the sunlight was so intense, and hence the shadows so deep that impression is of a … Continue reading

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Garden of life

Bulb: dried up, looks dead Planted, blooms for years and years Everlasting joy. Our life is like a garden; we can plant habits, attitudes, behaviour patterns deep within our soul that will naturally bloom in season without any further effort … Continue reading

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Harbinger of spring

I think I’ll just let this one speak for itself.

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Inner camera

Oh why did I not have my camera with me today? The glorious sight captured only by my inner eye Where memory is prone to fade And words the only means at hand To try and share the sight with … Continue reading

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