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Wasting life

Wasting time Has been a dreaded Accusation In the past. But can be very pleasant A lovely break From stress Something of A freedom A chance to really be. But then an accusation That cuts so much more deep The … Continue reading

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Preparing for summer

I think the jury is s till out on whether we really can expect any summer this year but I’ve planted some flowers in the hope of having a chance to enjoy them.

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Dream big

From an English perspective At least, from my little corner of England It seems an American concept People Left here Went there To dream big Do big dreams need big spaces? But the concept is far older A prophet in … Continue reading

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I just loved this post: Slowly, Slowly Wisdom Gathers Imagine laying in the sun and absorbing wisdom the way a leave absorbs sunshine. Mind or soul processing it like chlorophyll and producing all this energy and growth. Wonderful!

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Freedom or Safety?

Battery hens Once the economic way To produce eggs Now considered unacceptable But they were safe from foxes. What about the elderly Caged in communal homes In case they fall Or hurt themselves In the place that’s really home? And … Continue reading

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Crimson splash

Look at my picture What do you see? Is it art? Or a mess? Fabric design For summer dress? How to decide What is good What is not? Who will like My beetroot blot?

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Freezing fog and hail She will stay indoors again Mind still free to roam If memory serves me correctly, it was Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis who described being imprisoned in a hospital bed during a childhood … Continue reading

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Heaven is made of mini moments

My title today is inspired by Lucy’s post concerning the delights of almond croissants. But regular readers will have gathered by now something about my sentiments regarding time, eternity, joy and heaven. I don’t like to be too dogmatic about … Continue reading

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Floating in the snow

Lying flat out Supported only by water Warm, warm water I float under the clouds And watch the snow fall Smiling at each flake That lands and tickles my lips. Yes, I’ve been away; at a place with an outdoor … Continue reading

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Rosalie S

I am a person With soul, not handle or clasp Jimmy Choo is wrong Here is my picture I do not look like a bag I am Rosalie See yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. And … Continue reading

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