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I never understood Why textured glass Was called frosted Until one morning The frost on a car Caught my eye.

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At the beach

I walk on the sand Paddle in the sea The wind blows strong But the sun shines on me. A shower of rain Rainbow in the sea I go to the cafĂ© And drink some tea The sky grows dark … Continue reading

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Sure sign of the season

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Never give up hope

I managed to keep some begonia tubers in the greenhouse over winter and potted them up in the Spring. Summer came and other people’s had flowers. My garden had flowers. But the pots in the greenhouse remained just leaves. Eventually, … Continue reading

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Hedges adorned in delicate lace of cobwebs covered in dew

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Mowing the lawn

A task A job to be done A chore So some people seem to view it But to me After a stressful day Sorting other people’s problems To come home and catch The last of the light Before the sun … Continue reading

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A Strange Autumn Day

No sun, no wind No colours The sky is grey The ground is dry The air is warm So still So quiet So thick Where is the tang The smell The crispness? Just the heavy weight Of a strange Autumn … Continue reading

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Silver lining

A picture of life Painted bold in the sky When we stand in the grey And keep asking, Why? Just raise your eyes Step forward a bit And find, as I have That heaven replies.

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A single peach

A single peach Upon the tree I hope it’s only a bird Who sampled And left the rest For me.

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