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My garden has grown

OK, all you pedantic ones The boundaries Have not moved The actual area Has not changed But look The plants have grown It makes me wonder What actually IS The garden? This was how it looked when I planted it … Continue reading

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Heaven and earth

In special places, So they say, The veil, Is very thin That separates Our world From heaven. Maybe so, I cannot say, But this is What I see: That veil Is like a cloudy sky Ever shifting Over me. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Garden border

I love the way The border looks different Viewed from a different Angle The same is true of life Change our position Look again See something New.

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Pink corner

I wrote a story once Of a housebound Garden-lover Who created fantasy gardens From photos Brought memories to life Grew roses in the sitting room Brought outdoor vistas in. Can I do something similar With my small garden Make it … Continue reading

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Patio garden

Garden Photos Snapshots in time Same place Other year Is it the same Garden?

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Recurring themes

They say you never cross the same river twice The water that wet you once Moved on You dip your toes in other water Now Yet Water flows in cycles From the sea Back to the clouds And down again … Continue reading

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The park

Small My park is small And I’ve only been there Once My special park. A seat or two And a disused Sandpit A large tree And sunshine. The park that witnessed A special moment In time. Sticky toffee apple Dancing … Continue reading

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I had a dream Almost within my grasp But dreams Cannot be held It crumbled to dust Beneath my fingers This was one from last year. There’s something about revisiting stuff – do we still see things in the same … Continue reading

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Straying into relevance

It will be hard So we are taught To keep within The narrow way Online threads Would prove the point Straying here And straying there Rarely keeping On the track But just imagine If you can Writing somewhere Else because … Continue reading

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Seeing things from the other side

Look at you, my own baby Child of mine, a part of me I dream again that things can be That have ’til now eluded me I live again and will be free To guide your life so dreamily I … Continue reading

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