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Feet of clay

Don’t make friends of angels The wise one counselled And I thought he spoke of beings From the spirit world And did not pay him heed. My guardian angel’s Made of flesh and blood As human and as real As … Continue reading

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I know a priest With a strong belief In angels. Everyone has Their Guardian So he says. I’ve heard him warn Don’t be their friend It will distract.

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The dolls house

In theory Patsy had a dolls house to play with But… There was a problem And the problem was Jane Whenever Patsy played house Jane would decide to play too Patsy arranged the furniture Jane knocked it over She put … Continue reading

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The hermit

He was a strange kind of hermit Living in a small flat In a high tower block In an inner city area. He lived alone Rarely spoke two words to anyone Yet always smiled at everyone. He was often seen … Continue reading

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Rape and Pillage of the Mind

Solitude Is what I seek For my secret soul searching. I need space To understand my thoughts To come to terms With feelings I never chose. A thought in my mind Is not my considered opinion My heart may reject … Continue reading

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I am lonely

Somewhere inside I am lonely I am lonely and yearning for you How I long for us to be close Yet no distance is there to divide us You are here and right by my side But yet inside I … Continue reading

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Someone hurt me

When someone hurts me Do I cry Or just hit back Or question, why? If someone hurt me Who hurt them? What is their pain What’s driving them? Yes, someone hurt me But I found That I’d hurt them The … Continue reading

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Blue candle

A prayer Need not have words It can be A candle Lit to represent A heartfelt Deep desire. A large blue candle burned A while each day For many, many days For weeks And months Once words ran out To … Continue reading

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Mine is special

I know it’s not so different From any other rose But to me it’s special Just because it’s mine. Maybe I’m no different From any one of you But I like to think I’m special To one who calls me … Continue reading

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I am the daughter of Mother Earth My flesh is formed of her dust She gave me birth; I am part of her But how could she give me a soul? The Earth is alive in a myriad ways Yet … Continue reading

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