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I am lonely

Somewhere inside I am lonely I am lonely and yearning for you How I long for us to be close Yet no distance is there to divide us You are here and right by my side But yet inside I … Continue reading

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Flash fiction

The church was large, square and dark. The man sat there at one with the building. His feet planted firmly on the floor. His head bowed but raising his chin from time to time as though turning his face toward … Continue reading

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Lovesick banana (again)

Enid never walked very fast any more but still slowed her steps as she passed the house. And dreamed of stopping to tie laces her shoes didn’t have; laces she couldn’t reach to tie if they did. Anything to increase … Continue reading

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Twelfth night

I was taking the Christmas tree down on twelfth night and felt ‘inspired’ (for want of a better word) with the following fictitious exchange: ‘A lovesick banana? ‘ Sue queried. ‘I can’t begin to imagine how such a thing feels. … Continue reading

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The magic of ideas

I loved philosophy; the idea of philosophy, that is. MY philosophy. ‘I think therefore I am’ would chase round my head like a prancing white horse pulling a magical carriage. I dreamed of Socrates wandering his market place, observing this … Continue reading

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Living the Story

I was talking with a friend about teenage romance and expectations of life and commented that we were brought up on the Cinderella story. And we reminisced over the ballroom scene in The Sound of Music. After a while it … Continue reading

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