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In the pink

Sometimes I feel down Something bright will cheer me up Springtime of the soul This picture certainly worked this time. Do you have a favourite way of keeping on top of the bad feelings and stopping them from getting you … Continue reading

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Sparrow in the snow

I wonder how it feels to be a sparrow hopping in the snow the hard and icy snow crisp, crunchy under human feet. The sparrow has to weight to crush the thick white blanket on the sloping roof. He left … Continue reading

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Rosalie S

I am a person With soul, not handle or clasp Jimmy Choo is wrong Here is my picture I do not look like a bag I am Rosalie See yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. And … Continue reading

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Lovesick banana (again)

Enid never walked very fast any more but still slowed her steps as she passed the house. And dreamed of stopping to tie laces her shoes didn’t have; laces she couldn’t reach to tie if they did. Anything to increase … Continue reading

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Great and small

Saint Therese of Lisieux was hailed by Pope St Pius X as the greatest saint of modern times. She always wanted to be a saint, though it is clear from reading her autobiography, The Story of a Soul, that what … Continue reading

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Some souls are born old So they say But today Mine feels young With much still to learn. I ‘wrote’ this in my head earlier in the week but been too hectic to get a chance to type and post … Continue reading

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Lucy’s tangents

Thank you Lucy for some wonderful, wacky ideas. I feel I could really let my imagination loose on some of these. unfortunately I have rather more mundane stuff to see to first.  Hopefully come back to this later. In the … Continue reading

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