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I am not a jellyfish

My body’s made of mostly water Eight tenths Or maybe nine Yet I am not a jellyfish My science facts are imprecise But I am NOT a jellyfish Ancient people claimed God breathed To make first man A human A … Continue reading

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Flash fiction

The church was large, square and dark. The man sat there at one with the building. His feet planted firmly on the floor. His head bowed but raising his chin from time to time as though turning his face toward … Continue reading

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I just loved this post: Slowly, Slowly Wisdom Gathers Imagine laying in the sun and absorbing wisdom the way a leave absorbs sunshine. Mind or soul processing it like chlorophyll and producing all this energy and growth. Wonderful!

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I pause the doing Embrace the being Breathe the breath Of who I am Deep pool of being Never plumbed E’en if I had A thousand years.

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Superstition, expression and the meaning of words

Thank you to Sakshi for setting me off on this train of thought. A word is a tool We use it to express It’s also something Heard or read A trigger for our thoughts We do not always Hear or … Continue reading

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Spaghetti time

We emerge into human consciousness inside a strand of spaghetti and travel along experiencing events sensations relationships all through the medium of pasta. We travel along our allotted strand till, reaching the end, we break free into eternity. But God … Continue reading

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Blessings and dreams

I came across these words of Sister Stan which bring together the two concepts of blessings and dreams that have been much in my mind lately: Divine Blessings giving life to our inner being offering opportunities to recognise our gifts … Continue reading

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Is ‘Happy New Year’ a blessing?

‘Bless you,’ you say when I sneeze. ‘Blessings,’ an email sign -off. ‘The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make his face to shine upon you,’ We still say or sing more formally following the instructions of the … Continue reading

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Great and small

Saint Therese of Lisieux was hailed by Pope St Pius X as the greatest saint of modern times. She always wanted to be a saint, though it is clear from reading her autobiography, The Story of a Soul, that what … Continue reading

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Pelican in the wilderness

God, I never heard you calling me to be a nun. If you did, I wasn’t listening that day. But now I read of those who hide themselves away to live as hermits. Meeting other humans only to receive their … Continue reading

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