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Walking on thorns

Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries. Elizabeth Barrett Browning A friend and I were pondering these words … Continue reading

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Wasting time

Spending time Using time Wasting time What is the difference? How can we use time wisely How spend it on something worthwhile? Time is not a commodity It cannot be bottled and saved At the end of the day Twenty … Continue reading

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When all in life seems broken fuses blow printer jams shredder dead I went for a walk And looked at the sky The clouds don’t break I wonder why Clouds don’t break down ‘Tho said to burst They do their … Continue reading

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Garden border

I love the way The border looks different Viewed from a different Angle The same is true of life Change our position Look again See something New.

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Wisdom from Elsie

Elsie is a friend of mine Has lived some years And has grown wise. Today she said to me Everyday Do one job you want to do. Today has been A productive day Thanks to Elsie’s wisdom.

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Bit short on time recently so here’s a repeat from last year: As I walked up the road Joy welled in my heart Unexpected Unlooked for I could have felt sad My friends gave me cause The weather made ample … Continue reading

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Trees and time

It seems like only yesterday I wandered the neighbourhood Snapping the trees I can see what they’ve done They’ve turned themselves green What have I done, though? I haven’t turned green I’ve not changed the skyline But have I been … Continue reading

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Wise and gentle Listener Giving time Giving space To let me be Just who is me As I talk I listen, too And so discover Who I am.

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Standing proud

There is something about the way the supporting cast allows this tulip to stand proud. It makes me wonder, are we duly appreciative of the people who allow us that privilege?

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Dream big

From an English perspective At least, from my little corner of England It seems an American concept People Left here Went there To dream big Do big dreams need big spaces? But the concept is far older A prophet in … Continue reading

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