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Once upon a time

Once upon a time All stories started thus The rhythm trained the ear And we were primed to hear The story that unfolded. Once upon a time Our minds would still And be alert For pictures painted By the words … Continue reading

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Come, words I called you friends Don’t shy away Come dance for me Weave your patterns Cast your spell Enthral the reader With the magic sound That tinkles on The inner ear. Sublime, supreme Surreal, superb Surprise me once again … Continue reading

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I listen

I listen. He listens So Mother Theresa described her prayers. And I wonder In the silence The solitude When every little sound Sounds loud Waiting in the quiet Till noisy brain Ceases its endless chatter For a while And in … Continue reading

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Straying into relevance

It will be hard So we are taught To keep within The narrow way Online threads Would prove the point Straying here And straying there Rarely keeping On the track But just imagine If you can Writing somewhere Else because … Continue reading

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I’ve invented a person And called her Ginny And she is you And you are her For she is the person I write for. My inspiration Encouragement And unforgiving editor. So help me now to flesh her out What does … Continue reading

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Ten percent?

Do not others possess The need to express Their innermost feelings As I do? I penned those words many years ago and have shared them before. The point is, at the time I couldn’t find anyone amongst my family and … Continue reading

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Superstition, expression and the meaning of words

Thank you to Sakshi for setting me off on this train of thought. A word is a tool We use it to express It’s also something Heard or read A trigger for our thoughts We do not always Hear or … Continue reading

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Thinking less in words today than colour shape and texture but if no image lived to say, no colour shape nor texture, then how, in words, this to convey its colour shape and texture?

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The disputed poem

That’s not a poem He said It’s only a sentence Chopped into bits. A sentence Chopped into bits I replied Can very well be a poem. So what does make a poem a poem?

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Inner camera

Oh why did I not have my camera with me today? The glorious sight captured only by my inner eye Where memory is prone to fade And words the only means at hand To try and share the sight with … Continue reading

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