Two orange chimney pots 3

Side by side
We sit on the bed
Sketch pad between us
Pastels and pencil to hand
Once again
She’s the master teacher
Instructing a student
Living in the present
It doesn’t matter
That she doesn’t recall
Where she is
Or why
Doesn’t remember the past
She is who she is
What her past has made her
We doodle
Smudge and change
Each other’s doodles
Talk about life
In the abstract
And I learn from her.

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Ascension Day

I posted this first in Bengeo Prayers but the joint ideas of heaven and earth seem relevant here, too.

Do we stand gazing into heaven
oblivious of the needs around us?

Do we rush off trying to solve the world’s problems
in our own strength?

Do we catch a glimpse of heaven as our goal
then await  God’s power as instructed
and quietly do His will?

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When we express something
We give it freedom
An unexpressed thought remains ours
Is under our control
Once free, it may change
Perhaps it will remain true to us
Perhaps it will go its own way
Without freedom
It cannot grow, cannot become anything
Locked in our mind
It withers away

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Children of Bethel

Children of Bethel
My private name
For all who lay their head
On Jacob’s pillow stone
Who see the angels
Passing through
The fraying veil
Twixt earth and heaven.

I originally posted this on Bengeo Prayers but it seems equally relevant here.

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A Smile A Day…

Rosalie Squires:

Isn’t this a great thought? So simple yet so true!

Originally posted on sharing me myself and i:

A few weeks ago
when I stepped out of my car –
after work –
after picking the kids up from school –
this is what welcomed me home on the drive-way.

A Smile A Day...

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Two orange chimney pots 2

I sat on the bed beside my friend.
She was gazing out of the window
See those two orange chimney pots
I couldn’t see them
But time and again she’d mention them
In the end I had to move
Then I too could see the focus of her life.

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Jewels of time

When I look back
At years of work in London
Long hours in a basement room
Home life rushed meals
And falling into bed
I do not see the details
Just a big dark mass
And pinpricked in that mass
Are jewels of time
Bright like shining emeralds
Extended lunch hours
Now and then
Spent in the sun
Beside cathedral walls
By the river, in the cafe
Safe from storms
Precious moments to be still
And know that heaven is near.

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