Art project

Art project 2014.

I did eventually finish this and hang it on the wall.
Maybe there is still hope for other things that get started in a burst of enthusiasm and then are left to languish.

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I wonder

I wonder
about each fleeting breath I draw
so many atoms, molecules
in the air
are they part of me
’til I exhale?
Some I absorb
they’re in my blood
for how long are they part of me?
Each tear drop, toe nail
strand of hair
I leave behind me
and move on
yet they retain my DNA.
What is this body
that I will one day leave?
Can it really be defined?

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Mystery plant flowers

Mystery  flower DSC_0111

Well, it looks like some sort of lily to me.
Any ideas?

Mystery plant 
Mystery plant has grown

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Treasure your experience of God however it comes to you.

white rose DSCN4755

Someone gave me a booklet curiously entitled Advices and queries (published by the Quakers); in it I found the above quotation and I’ve been reminded of it so many times. We can so easily fall into the tap of thinking we only experience God a particular way, in church, in a sunset, a newborn baby – in whatever way we experienced God once. In fact there can be a million different ways everyday. All can be treasured, if only we first learn to recognise them.


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Two orange chimney pots 3

Side by side
We sit on the bed
Sketch pad between us
Pastels and pencil to hand
Once again
She’s the master teacher
Instructing a student
Living in the present
It doesn’t matter
That she doesn’t recall
Where she is
Or why
Doesn’t remember the past
She is who she is
What her past has made her
We doodle
Smudge and change
Each other’s doodles
Talk about life
In the abstract
And I learn from her.

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Ascension Day

I posted this first in Bengeo Prayers but the joint ideas of heaven and earth seem relevant here, too.

Do we stand gazing into heaven
oblivious of the needs around us?

Do we rush off trying to solve the world’s problems
in our own strength?

Do we catch a glimpse of heaven as our goal
then await  God’s power as instructed
and quietly do His will?

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When we express something
We give it freedom
An unexpressed thought remains ours
Is under our control
Once free, it may change
Perhaps it will remain true to us
Perhaps it will go its own way
Without freedom
It cannot grow, cannot become anything
Locked in our mind
It withers away

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