Jewels of time

When I look back
At years of work in London
Long hours in a basement room
Home life rushed meals
And falling into bed
I do not see the details
Just a big dark mass
And pinpricked in that mass
Are jewels of time
Bright like shining emeralds
Extended lunch hours
Now and then
Spent in the sun
Beside cathedral walls
By the river, in the cafe
Safe from storms
Precious moments to be still
And know that heaven is near.

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Two orange chimney pots 1

The gate is closed
No-one answers the door
What does it mean?
Where is my friend?
Gate’s normally open
For carer’s car
Neighbour’s not in
Who can I ask?

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Light travels into the dark
Into the black hole of the eye
Knowledge comes with it
Knowledge of the outside world
The knowledge is absorbed; internalised
But what happens to the light?

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Heaven on Earth

Earth is but a raindrop
In the sea of heaven
And I am just a speck
Within that drop of rain
I travel to its edge
And then I shall be free
But even now I know
That heaven is all around
And while I’m here I long
To bless this place called Earth
I’ve seen a glimpse of heaven
I want to share with all
Bring love and peace within our drop
The raindrop shall be sea.

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Spring is in the air

Today it feels like spring
I come home early
And walk barefoot
Across the grass.

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frost DSCN4464

I never understood
Why textured glass
Was called frosted
Until one morning
The frost on a car
Caught my eye.

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At the beach

I walk on the sand
Paddle in the sea
The wind blows strong
But the sun shines on me.

A shower of rain
Rainbow in the sea
I go to the café
And drink some tea

The sky grows dark
The lights go out
Thunder and lightning
Hailstones about.

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