Tyranny of the TODO list

According to my friend’s regime
I know what I SHOULD do
But I doubt if I’m going to to
Do it.
Oh yes
There is satisfaction
In ticking tasks off
The list.
I used to send myself
Boldly headed
Lest I should forget
Or find unstructured time.
I no longer write
The lists
So I am free of guilt
Or regret
That undefined dissatisfaction
That comes
From uncompleted items on
The list.
Schedule time for the
Big thing
Yes, I’ve read that too
And maybe we can all live
Our dream
If we work hard enough
At it.
But once the dream
Becomes a SHOULD
We’ve sold our soul
And what’s the point?
It’s hard to relinquish
A lifetime’s ambition
But the journey’s become just a
And wouldn’t I rather live
And enjoy
Relish each moment of life
Than chase the dust
That no longer gleams in
A pot
At the end of the rainbow?


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Round pebbles

P1000576 pebblesI have a friend who collects round pebbles, particularly spherical ones.

Recently I was looking through a bank of pebbles to see if I could find anything worth taking home for him. So many pebbles, all of them slightly different, each beautiful in its own way but none of them quite what I was looking for.

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Joy and peace

study in blue


Peace is joy resting;

Joy is peace dancing

                                  FB Meyer

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Ginger – life fights back

P1000619 growing againP1000617 eaten 13 oct


After a while a new growing tip emerged from the chewed top which opened into a very stunted leaf.

P1000636 new leafP1000647 new leaf

The next one had its tip missing. But hey! It’s still growing! Life is stronger than destruction.

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Living backwards

swirl detail

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” –Søren Kierkegaard




Isn’t it amazing what we can see in life with hindsight that we were quite unaware of at the time?

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Ginger – lament

P1000601 ginger 11 Oct 2015


My beautiful promising plant went from this (right)
to this overnight.

P1000617 eaten 13 oct


The top shoot was hanging
down and fell off when I
picked the pot up for a closer look and I turned around a few minutes later to see that the big leaf was also now hanging down in a sorry fashion.  What could cause such devastation in such a short time?

Well, it turned out to be a green caterpillar hiding inside the rolled up leaf.


Close up view of the damage…


bitten off shoot

and the top shoot that was bitten off.




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Ginger – progress

P1000601 ginger 11 Oct 2015                                                                                                                                             Well time romps past and the second shoot continues to flourish but something appears sadly amiss with the first.

P1000607 ginger 11 Oct 2015

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