Thoughts to share

I walk along
And see things that make me think
I want to share the thoughts
But there isn’t time to sit down
And recall them
Oh that I could project such thoughts
Directly to the screen.

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snowdrops IMG0033A

Snowdrops to remember Mum
who died seventeen years ago, today
It was a Saturday that year, too


A crocus to welcome Ciara
born yesterday

Winter or Spring?
Seasons come and go
We come and go
Yet Life keeps on.

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Deliver us from email

I recently heard of a wedding service that had an unusual version of the Lord’s Prayer – one that included the line, Deliver us from email.

I’d previously heard of that line being used on it’s own as the clergy’s prayer for their day off. It makes sense in that context but I’m puzzled by the wider application.

Do people generally not like receiving emails?

I find myself checking my inbox far more frequently than is actually merited in the hope of finding something of interest. I think it’s a hangover from my mum’s vigilant watch for the postman each morning and the pleasure she got from each handwritten letter from family and friends.

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Doing nothing

I’ve not been doing much
on the blogging scene in recent months,
either reading
or writing.
But there is the occasional post
over at Bengeo Prayers.


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Twelfth day of Christmas pudding

P1000035 Chistmas pudding

On the first day of Christmas
I was given a Christmas pudding made of chocolate.
On the second day of Christmas
I was given a new camera
By about the seventh or eighth day of Christmas
I’d begun to nibble at the Christmas pudding.
I hadn’t thought to take a picture of it first.

From what I could see, it was made of Maltesers
And I started to eat some
I ate quite a lot from the side that doesn’t show in the picture
And it occurred to me
That although it was now a lot smaller, it was not noticeably less heavy
In fact, it was far too heavy to all be made of Maltesers
What’s in the middle of the pudding?
Yes, a chocolate orange.

Actually, if I trimmed the bottom off the picture you probably wouldn’t know I’d been eating it – but it was quite a bit higher before I started.

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Dreams and aspirations


Dreams, aspirations, wishful thinking
What we might do, who we might be
One day
But the one day that matters
Is today.
Lord, help us to be who you would have us be today
Prompt us to do what you would have us do today
For only by making the best of each day
Can we prepare for the future

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I’ve not been at all  blog-o-rific lately.

Isn’t that a wonderful word?! I found it on Lucy’s blog.

It’s not only got some indefinable appeal, it also inspired me to post something on Bengeo Prayers that’s been in mind a while and to share with you here.

There’s all this potentially blog material that goes round my head whilst out walking or digging the garden but no longer finds it way to the screen – perhaps this will help edge some of it on its way!

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